How to Help

How the Community Can Help

The Hunger Caucus is trying to expand the number of gardens to 67 gardens in 67 counties across the Commonwealth. This is a great way to get community members involved in the fight against hunger!

If you are interested and need further assistance with your project, please feel free to contact Senator Vogel’s Harrisburg Office for more information:

State Capitol Office Building:
286 Main Capitol
(717) 787-3076

How You Can Help

Donate money to your local food bank. You can find your local food bank by visiting

Donate time to your local food bank. This can be through helping at their distribution centers or by volunteering to help at fundraising events.

Start a garden at your home, school, church or place of work and donate all the fruits and vegetables to your local food bank.

Organize a food drive in your local community and donate all the food to the local food bank.