Hunger Caucus Meeting Scheduled for March 24

Meeting Memo (PDF)

HARRISBURG – The next meeting of the legislative Hunger Caucus will be held on March 24, according to Sen. Mike Brubaker (R-36).

Brubaker said the meeting will examine the number of Pennsylvanians who have experienced food hardship since the beginning of the recession and highlight some of the possible ways to reduce the number of individuals who are at risk.

“The recession has caused a growing number of Pennsylvanians to be at risk for food insecurity, and many individuals and families are being forced to rely on food assistance for the first time in their lives,” Brubaker said. “We must continue to examine this growing problem so we can work toward solutions that will make food available to all state residents who are in need.”

Rep. Dwight Evans (D-203) will present testimony on the Fresh Food Financing Initiative, a grant and loan program that encourages supermarket development in underserved communities.

The hearing is scheduled for March 24 at 10 a.m. in Room 8E-A of the Capitol’s East Wing.

The Hunger Caucus was created in 2008 to help educate legislators on food insecurity issues and work to improve access to nutrition programs. Brubaker said the Hunger Caucus is continuing to work to lower barriers to anti-hunger programs and develop cooperative programs between government and the private sector to address hunger issues.

More information on state initiatives to prevent food insecurity as well as contact information for a number of organizations that can provide assistance to Pennsylvanians in need is available online at

Brubaker co-chairs the Hunger Caucus with Rep. John Myers (D-201).